Yoga  With  Mina  Now


Yoga  With  Mina  Now




Stress undermines our sense of well-being. It is also linked to many illnesses. It can be a key factor in determining longevity.

Mina is an expert in simple and easy techniques to relax when caught in a traffic jam, preparing for an important meeting, or negotiating the challenges of a complicated family dynamics. Mina offers wise and pragmatic advice through her coaching sessions.

Mina's book, Serenity To Go: Calming Techniques for Your Hectic Life has been translated into French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. It was a hit in Japan.

Recommended viewing: Beauty and peace is all around us - if we just take the time to find it. A soothing view of the Great Lawn, in Central Park provides a moment of peace.

Stress Reduction

Photograph by Mina Hamilton